Craven District Outreach SENCO  

Craven Outreach SENCO Feedback

Super helpful as an accessible point of advice.  Just what SENDCOs from small schools need: alistening ear and sound board for the difficulties we face without having to add to theworkload by making referrals.  The Craven District SENDCO is prompt to reply to questions andwill advise as requested.

Excellent service and support-very much needed in an area of education that seems to have become forgotten, underfunded and a struggle to access the support children need.

Dyslexia screeners, as well as reading assessments have been completed which has reduced some of my workload as SENCO, and they have been completed much quicker that I would have been able to.  The suggestions following these assessments have been invaluable, and have been actioned to have an impact on the child.  We have also started to look at IEPs and profile formats for my school-really useful to talk professionally with a knowledgeable colleague to thrash out ideas!

Tracy is a very warm and personable professional.  She is always willing to help if she can and offers good advice.

Tracy is friendly, approachable and non-judgemental!  She has worked 1:1 successfully with all our staff and has fully supported our overwhelmed SENCO.  Whatever we ask she makes it happen.