What are Locality Boards?

Locality boards are a dynamic collaboration between education leaders and North Yorkshire Council.  The five boards share the aim of maximising outcomes and promoting inclusivity for children and young people aged from 0-25 years old. 

North Yorkshire Council allocates budgets to each board, enabling them to initiate projects tailored to the evolving needs of their communities.  To find out more about how your setting can benefit from the projects on offer, visit your locality board pages by clicking on their logo above. 

How to get involved? 

Board members are from your community and work hard to give you what you need to support your children and young people.  If you are an education leader of children and young people in North Yorkshire then you could become a member of the board.  Keep a look out for board vacancies on this website as well as through emails.

Meanwhile, your voice matters! Click here to participate in our annual SENCo Survey. Your insights ensure that your concerns and suggestions are heard loud and clear. Together, we’re shaping a better future for our community.  


Want more  information and advice from North Yorkshire Council about inclusion?

Click Here to visit the Local Offer pages where you will find a hub of information for professionals, parents/carers and children and young people with SEND.

Service Providers

If you’re a provider of services that you think the Locality Boards may be interested in then North Yorkshire Council have established an Approved Provider List to facilitate commissioning by the Locality Boards to develop educational provision and inclusive practice for children with SEND within the area, through collaboration and agreement of shared priorities. The Approved Provider List will be open for the duration of the approved provider list (4 years).  If you’re interested in applying click here for procurement documents

 The documents should give providers all the information, but you have any queries please contact procurement@northyorks.gov.uk

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